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We offer helicopter and aeroplane pilot training courses to local and international students at our pilot training schools in Durban and Mossel Bay, South Africa.

We are committed to enhancing; skills development, technology transfer and pilot career opportunities in the aviation industry.

Why Starlite?

  • We offer competitive aeroplane and helicopter training course prices
  • We tailor your pilot training to suit your lifestyle. You will have your unique pilot training programme to suit your requirements
  • We assist with arranging comfortable accommodation for the duration of your training

What You Should Know Before You Begin Your Pilot Training

If you love the outdoors, are the adventurous type with an outgoing personality, who works hard, is enthusiastic, determined and a team player, then you are on the road to a flying career of a lifetime. There are basic requirements that are essential before you begin your pilot training.

General Pilot Training Requirements

  • English Proficiency Both Written and Spoken
    • A good grasp of the English language is a necessity for both the practical and theoretical side of flying.  English is the language of aviation.
  • Good Health – Both Physical And Mental
    • All pilots undergo regular medicals to monitor their fitness to be flying fit.
  • No Alcohol or Drug Dependency
    • Certain medical conditions and any indication of drug or alcohol dependency will preclude a person from flying.
  • Personal Discipline
    • The examinations for both a private and commercial licence are fairly difficult and require a 75% pass mark. You will need the drive and discipline to put in study time above and beyond the lectures that you attend.

What Subjects Do I Need to Select at High School?

Whilst not pre-requisites to have as your Matric subjects, Math, Physical Science and Geography would be an advantage and play a significant role in the study of Aerodynamics, Navigation, Flight Planning and Meteorology.  The Math involved in Private Pilot level is fairly elementary, the difficulty increases at Commercial level.

Why International Students Train to Be Pilots in South Africa?

Whether you are just starting out in aviation or are looking to build hours / experience or improve your skills, South Africa, and especially Durban and Mossel Bay, offers you:

  • Superior pilot training for international students from all over the world at a fraction of the cost compared with other countries
  • Personal guidance and assistance to international student pilots with the processes and documentation required to train in South Africa
  • sweeping coastlines, breath-taking mountain ranges close by, favourable weather most of the year and busy airports in close proximity to both our Training schools, making these areas a wonderful place to fly
  • quality training considered to be one of the best in the world

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