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We offer Helicopter, Aeroplane, and Drone training to international students from around the world. Our pilot training schools are located in the beautiful, vibrant city of Durban and picturesque, Mossel Bay,  a few hours’ drive from the Mother City of Cape Town, South Africa.

Enrol on our Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence courses, build hours on a simulator, hire and fly, convert to other aircraft types or complete our advanced pilot training courses.

Why Starlite?

Quality pilot training is costly. For international students paying in the South African currency (ZAR), pilot training is extremely cost effective.

We come highly recommended by aviation regulatory bodies, and our past and current student pilots. We train pilots from numerous countries worldwide. Your association with Starlite and the high standard of pilot training we offer will make you extremely marketable and open doors to a variety of career opportunities in the aviation industry.

Our Courses

  • We offer a full range of courses and ratings.
  • EASA approved Jeppesen teaching and learning material.
  • Flexible training schedules, uniquely tailored to your lifestyle.
  • Pilot training courses at a fraction of the cost.
  • Our courses are highly recommended by both aviation regulatory bodies and our graduate pilots.
  • Pilot ground school conducted by highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors.

Our Locations

  • A wide scope of flying experience along sweeping coastlines and breath-taking mountain ranges
  • Favourable and moderate weather, making flying possible almost every day.
  • Busy airports in close proximity to both our training schools, to perform advanced skills training.
  • Comfortable accommodation in close proximity to the campuses.

Our Aircraft

  • We have a wide variety of helicopters, aeroplanes, and Drones to train on.
  • Our extensive fleet of aircraft ensures that aircraft are readily available for training.
  • We offer Elite Simulators in Mossel Bay that are approved by EASA, FAA, Indian DGAC, CASA, ANAC, South African CAA, Malayan CAA & Transport Canada.

Pilot enrolment at Starlite

Our staff will assist international student pilots with obtaining the necessary documentation and provide support and guidance during the process of enrolling at the Academy. There are basic requirements that need to be met when applying to enrol.



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