Flight Instructor Rating

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Flight Instructor Rating

Obtaining a Flight Instructor Rating will enable you to apply for employment at a flying school to teach future pilots to fly.

An Instructor’s rating improves your abilities and skills and enhances employment opportunities.

Flight Instructor Rating Requirements

  • The only requirement is a valid Commercial Pilot Licence or an Airline Transport Pilot Licence. Training can commence whilst you are in the process of completing your CPL.

Course Duration

The course takes approximately 3 to 4 months. This may, however, vary for each individual student.

Practical Training

  • 20 hours of practical flight instructor training (patter) of which 5 hours may be completed on a Simulator
  • 20 hours of ground briefings
  • Pass a practical skills test in lecturing and air exercises with a Designated Flight Examiner
  • Pass the Instructor and ground evaluation test

Theoretical Training

The following 2 exams require a pass mark of at least 75%:

    • Applied Meteorology and Navigation
    • Principles of Flight and Legislation

It is essential to know that the minimum hours required by the South African Civil Aviation Authority to obtain a licence are just a guideline. It is unusual for a student to achieve the level of competency within these hour constraints as every individual has different rates of learning and understanding. Aptitude plays a major role in your progression and therefore additional training to meet the standards expected in testing, might lead to additional hours of training.