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Instrument Rating

Qualifies a pilot to fly an aircraft by sole reference to instruments and radio aids.

You may obtain your Instrument Rating as a Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot Licence holder. The theoretical subjects for a PPL and a CPL Instrument Rating are identical. The course is designed to make you a safe and proficient Instrument Pilot.

An instrument rating equips pilots with skills to fly solely by reference to their instruments, for example, in clouds, flying in fog or a haze at night, conditions where there is no visual horizon.

Pilots are taught procedures for safe descent through obscured atmospheric conditions by complying with instrument let-down and/or cloud-break procedures, overhead surveyed ground navigational beacons.

Flights can be undertaken under instrument rules with the aid of radar vectoring and tracking procedures. Pilots are taught to recognise accident precipitating weather conditions in advance and to plan accordingly. The standard is considerably higher than that of a PPL or NR.

Aeroplane Instrument Rating

Our FNPTII Elite Evolution S923 simulator allows a pilot to complete 20 flight hours in authentic simulated conditions. A further 20 hours must be flown in an aircraft.

Helicopter Instrument Rating

Our FNPTII Elite Evolution S723T Simulator affords a pilot the experience to train for 30 hours in authentic simulated conditions. A further 10 hours must be completed in a helicopter.

Instrument Rating Examinations

You will be required to successfully complete an Instrument Rating examination. If you only hold a Private Pilot Licence, you will also need to complete a General Radio Licence examination in order to obtain this rating.

When is an Instrument Rating Valuable?

An Instrument Rating is vital for advanced private and commercial flying. Accuracy standards and levels of procedure are higher. Pilots are taught to deal with in-fight emergencies under instrument conditions.

Commercial pilots will find employment to be more lucrative with an Instrument Rating.



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