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Instrument Rating (IR)

An Instrument Rating (IR) qualifies a pilot to fly in Instrument Meteorological conditions.

With this rating a pilot will have the ability to control the aircraft by sole reference to instruments and radio aids.

You may obtain your Instrument Rating as a PPL or CPL holder. The theoretical subjects for a PPL and a CPL (IR) are identical. The course is designed to make you a safe and proficient Instrument Pilot.

Instrument Rating Requirements

  • Helicopter Instrument Rating

    • Our state of the art FNPTII Elite Evolution S723T Simulator affords a pilot the experience to train for 30 hours in authentic simulated conditions. A further 10 hours must be completed in a helicopter.
  • Aeroplane Instrument Rating

    • Our FNPTII Elite Evolution S923 simulator allows a pilot to complete 20 flight hours in authentic simulated condition. A further 20 hours must be flown in an aircraft.

Instrument Rating Exam

  • IR exam
  • General radio Exam