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Multi Engine Rating

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A Multi-Engine Rating qualifies the pilot to command an aircraft that has two or more engines. Most commercial employment opportunities require that a pilot has experience on multi-engine aircraft. This rating can be completed independently or during your study towards a commercial pilot licence. A full-time student should complete the course in 1 – 2 weeks.  This is can, however, differ for every student.

Multi Engine Rating Requirements

  • You need to have logged 100 hours as pilot-in-command of aeroplanes before you can start training towards a multi-engine class rating.
  • You need to attend ground school.
  • You must successfully complete theoretical examinations and flight tests.

Ground School

You must complete technical training and ground school lectures on the operating procedures for the aircraft type that you aim to fly.

The ground school material consists of:

  • aircraft systems.
  • weight and balance.
  • aircraft limitations and performance.

Flight Training

Multi-engine aeroplane class rating

Piston Engine Aeroplanes

Flight training consists of:

  • at least 6 hours in an aeroplane or an approved flight simulator.
  • at least 3 hours of the training must be conducted in an aeroplane.

Turboprop Aeroplanes

Flight training consists of:

  • at least 10 hours in an aeroplane.

Theoretical Examination and Flight Tests

Theoretical Examination

The theoretical examination comprises of:

  • at least one hundred questions for an aircraft which requires a type rating
  • at least fifty questions for an aircraft which requires a class rating.

This examination must be completed before flight training begins.

Flight Test

The skills test for a type rating and an initial multi-engine class rating must be conducted by a Designated Flight Examiner (DFE).



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