Elite S723T FNPT II MCC helicopter simulator

Simulator Training

Cost effective helicopter and aeroplane hour building

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Simulator Training

We offer both helicopter and aeroplane simulator training.

Benefits of Simulator Training

  • Cost effective to incorporate Simulator Training in your training courses
  • Handling performance is in line with the specific aircraft type
  • Simulators offer an up to date navigation database and high-resolution graphics for major airports
  • A wide range of weather phenomena and a range of system and mechanical failures can be simulated during training

Helicopter Simulator Training

We offer training on our Elite S723T FNPT II MCC simulator, based on the Airbus AS-355 Twin Engine Helicopter. The simulator offers, Colour Weather Radar, Radio Altimeter, Garmin 430 GPS and auto-pilot. It offers a level of realism comparable to what can be found in the prohibitively expensive full-motion level D type simulators and is fully EASA/SACAA compliant.

Elite S723T FNPT II MCC Simulator Capabilities

  • Generic multi-engine turbine helicopter capabilities

Aeroplane Simulator Training

Our Elite Evolution S923 Aeroplane FNPT II MCC simulator was the first to be introduced into Africa.  It offers a cost-effective way to train and meet your Instrument Flying training requirements.  It is fully EASA compliant and exceeds the requirements as laid down by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)

Elite Evolution S923 Aeroplane FNPT II MCC Simulator Capabilities:

The simulator can be configured as a:

  • Piper Arrow IV (single-engine piston)
  • Piper Seneca III (multi-engine piston)
  • King Air B200 (multi-engine turbo-prop)

Simulator Training Credits for both Helicopters and Aeroplanes

In accordance with the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), you can obtain the following:

  • 5 hours towards an initial PPL and Night Rating
  • 20 hours towards an initial Instrument Rating (on the Aeroplane simulator)
  • 30 hours towards an initial Instrument Rating (on the Helicopter simulator)
  • 25 hours towards ATPL
  • 3 hours of training towards an Instrument Rating in another category
  • Maximum of 3 hours of dual flight training may be acquired towards a multi-engine class rating

General Information that you should know:

  • Instrument revalidation checks must be carried out annually by an SACAA Designated Flight Examiner, in line with approved testing procedures and may be completed on our simulators.
  • Aspects of the initial Instrument rating skills test that cannot be conducted in an aeroplane/helicopter may be conducted in our simulators.