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Our professional charter team offers a range of  aeroplane and helicopter charter packages to any destination in South Africa and beyond our borders. Whether you fly with us for private, business, leisure or scenic helicopter rides, you are assured of five-star, safety and comfort in superior aircraft with highly qualified and knowledgeable pilots.

We specialise in private aeroplane and helicopter hire, Government VIP and business travel, company team building flights to great destinations, air safaris to exclusive game parks and reserves, travel to historical and heritage sites, helicopter flights to mountain and coastal resorts, mountain picnics and flights to major events and for special occasions. Unique tailored, cost-effective flight packages offer you flexibility and choice. We cater for every occasion or celebration to make lasting memories.

Depart from and return to Virginia or King Shaka airport, having made life-long memories of the most exciting and exclusive air travel you will ever experience.

What we can offer you

  • Exclusive travel, away from crowds and queues
  • Tailored flights for flexible schedules unique to you
  • Your travel time is shortened
  • You fly in luxury and comfort
  • We are discrete and security conscious
  • You have access to more airports and remote locations
  • The safe handling of luggage and personal effects is a priority
  • Quality food and refreshments are available on board
  • There are a variety of aeroplanes and helicopters from which to choose.

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