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Starlite Aviation, a subsidiary of SAF Aerogroup, offers a wide range of helicopter, aeroplane and drones services, through Ireland, South Africa, Mauritius and key locations across Africa.

Having operated on 5 continents and in over 30 counties, in some of the harshest and austere environments, the Starlite management team, a highly skilled group of aviation specialists, are experts at taking on complex assignments.

Trusted long-term partners to governments, corporates, commercial and military customers, Starlite is a leader in the utility sector, aircraft maintenance support and logistics, helicopter, aeroplane, drone and VR Tactical Mission training, and aircraft sales.

Starlite offers a full spectrum of most capable and technologically advanced aircraft fleet and onsite maintenance, highly skilled personnel, and the finest air and ground crew. Customers are, therefore, assured of unique tailored solutions to suit their specific aviation requirements.

Our success is attributed to:

  • Our culture, policies, practices and stringent systems to ensure quality and safety, a top priority in our business.
  • Employing experienced, highly skilled air, ground crew and personnel who are disciplined, accountable and possess the finest decision-making abilities.
  • Our dynamic management team, all accomplished leaders in the aviation industry, are responsive to our clients’ individual needs.
  • Our offering of tailor-made, cost-effective aviation solutions.
  • Our ability to operate in remote, austere and challenging areas of the world.
  • Executing fast and efficient deployment of mission-ready aircraft and complete operational teams to any location.
  • Utilising superior aircraft, maintained by a skilled team of professional aircraft maintenance engineers (AMEs).

Our Story

The Starlite Aviation Group, co-founded by, Slade Thomas and Karl Kebert began their journey at Virginia Airport some 20 years ago, their vision: To rule the African Skies.  The Company expanded rapidly and evolved and with it the vision: To be a globally significant player in the international aviation industry.

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