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Our reputation of reliability and responsibility in any call to action can be gauged from our proven record of accomplishments of satisfied customers. We provide affordable, cost-effective, versatile and tailor-made aviation solutions to meet each individual customers’ needs.

We specialise in a wide range of quality aviation solutions for service contacts requiring medium to heavy lift helicopter and fixed wing aircraft, and onsite maintenance and logistics.

We Specialise in Multi-task Configurations for

  • Medevac, air ambulance and HEMS services
  • Rescue and relief
  • Passenger and Cargo transport
  • NVS
  • Offshore/onshore, oil and gas and mining
  • Anti-Poaching and Surveillance
  • Powerline Inspection and Survey
  • Fire Fighting
  • Marine Salvage

Irish Operations

Our Head Office in Ireland, is fully capable of supporting our fleet or heavy lift aircraft and provides strategic direction and support to our group of companies worldwide by holding:

  • an EASA PART M
  • an EASA PART 145
  • a CAMO approval the EC225, AS332 and S-92
  • a PART 145 approval for the AS332 and S-92
  • a well-positioned operation, in close proximity to the biggest helicopter and fixed wing leasing names to provide support to the growing aviation industry
  • an EASA approved Type Rating course for the AS332 C1e at Starlite Aviation Training Services in Ireland

South African Operations

Starlite Aviation Operations, Virginia Airport, Durban, South Africa is helicopter and fixed wing company, providing flying services, to Africa, the Middle East and numerous countries across the globe. We operate according to the laws, rules and regulations and are audited by:

  • South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)
  • International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP)
  • Basic Aviation Risks Standards – Gold status in Flight Safety (BARS)
  • Hart Aviation
  • RPS Environmental Management
  • Airclaims Services (Far East) Limited
  • UNPD – United Nations Procurement Division – providing services to all UN Secretariat entities
  • UNWFP – United Nations World Food Programme – Aviation Safety Unit

Mauritian Operations

Dublin, Ireland and Grand-Baie, Mauritius are the management hubs of Starlite, providing contract, financial and operation support to all companies in the group.  Both provide an operational gateway to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and East.

Our success and proven record of accomplishments is attributed to

  • our stringent safety and quality systems, the top priority in our business practises
  • highly qualified air and ground crew
  • our management and decision makers are responsible, accountable and adhere to Starlite’s stringent Business Code

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