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    Tough situations call for our highly trained, competent and well-equipped teams. Our primary role in this area of business is to provide inter-changeable, flexible, cost-effective, solutions through collaboration with conservation bodies and governments to provide support to anti-poaching units, patrolling, intelligence gathering and aerial surveillance for:

    • border patrols inland and along coastlines
    • private and government game reserves and parks for the specific task of patrolling, locating poachers day and night, using sophisticated NVG technology and assisting with arrests.
    • game counting and herding
    • the relocation of endangered species

    For your peace of mind

    we offer our clients the following assurances

    • strict quality and safety measures
    • mission-ready helicopter and fixed wing aircraft
    • onsite aircraft maintenance, to ensure limited downtime
    • highly skilled air and ground crew
    • the latest Night Vision Systems (NVS) and Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) systems and equipment
    • a proven record of accomplishments in our ability to operate and fly in remote, austere environments across the globe.

    We are proud to be associated with the protection and preservation of rhino and other wildlife and endangered species in South Africa and beyond its borders. Our experience in this field spans 10 years of success in:

    • Game Counting and Herding
    • Airlifting game for relocation
    • Anti-poaching air units

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