Powerline Inspection and Surveillance

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    We have extensive experience in providing helicopters for utility work which includes but is not limited to powerline and pipeline inspection and surveying and maintenance for Government and private enterprise contracts. We offer a range of piston and turbine engine helicopters that can handle all survey needs. In addition, we provide Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) and IR systems utilised for surveying post disaster areas and infrastructure damage. Aerial patrolling is a cost-effective, time-saving way to cover wide areas of remote powerline and pipeline infrastructure, a useful way to manage energy transfer and identify equipment components in need of repair, especially as helicopters can access areas that are restricted by the lack of roads, impassable terrain or property lines.

    Aerial Infrared (IR) Inspection Service

    Our powerline and utility infrared inspection equipment provides fast and accurate survey methods, designed to locate potential electrical problems and to eliminate failures in transmission, distribution and substation systems. Our helicopters are equipped with very latest FLIR cameras and GPS apparatus used by our skilled team of pilots and ground crew data collection teams.

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