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    We supply offshore/onshore – drill and oil rig, and oil and gas services, from passenger handling to Medevac/Search and Rescue standby, with the highest quality and safety standards being the priority in the business. We offer unique tailor-made, cost effective solutions without big company regulations and limitations in Africa for:

    • Offshore Transport
      • Helicopter transportation of personnel or freight to and from offshore production facilities.
    • Onshore Transport
      • Helicopter transportation of personnel and freight between onshore bases or other locations.
    • VIP Passenger Transport
      • Helicopter transportation of company officials or other key personnel.
    • Medevac standby services
      • Helicopter and fixed wing 24/7 Medevac standby, with full NVG services

    Oil and Gas Support Services

    • All weather, 24 hours, Category A, Class 1 services.
    • Crew training and experience levels that exceed OGP requirements.
    • Configurations that are interchangeable and dependent on aircraft type layout. See our fleet of aircraft.
    • Onsite Maintenance and logistic support, up to base-level requirements, is conducted by Starlite Maintenance personnel.
    • Highly trained and skilled in-house aviation medical doctors and flight paramedics for Medevac standby

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