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Night Vision Systems and Forward Looking Infrared

Starlite Operations uses the most advanced avionics and electronic night vision goggles (NVG) and Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) equipment in many areas of our business. These have been used as part of our holistic approach for Medevac night flying. Our air ambulance pilots undergo stringent NVG training to ensure that they are upskilled in the use of the equipment as technology advances. Other areas of our business where both FLIR and NVG have been particularly effective is: Anti-Poaching and Surveillance, Power and Pipeline survey contracts, offshore/onshore oil and gas support, and law enforcement. NVS provides the most cost-effective way of increasing situational awareness for pilots and operational safety for night operations. It is rapidly becoming a mainstream tool in helicopter operations.

Night Vision Systems

Making Night Flying Safer

How does it work? NVGs work by taking in whatever light is available and amplifying it many times, making everything that cannot be seen by the human eye detectable. The use of new generation NVG auto corrects the amount of light that is received avoiding the ‘bloom with a bright halo effect’ of the older-generation goggles. Images are clear and distinguishable, making night flight safer by being able to see obstacles, terrain and other hazards that pilots typically would not be able to see.

FLIR- Forward Looking Infrared

FLIR thermographic sensor cameras are typically used on aircraft. Using infrared radiation emitted from a heat source, an image is created for video output.

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