Advanced Helicopter Training Courses

Widen your Scope to be More Marketable

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Advanced Helicopter Training Courses

For those who intend to widen the scope of training to be marketable in other areas of flying in your aviation career, we offer:

Advanced Rotor/Helicopter Courses

  • Sling Rating
    • This rating is a requirement for helicopter pilots who intend working in the technically difficult areas of firefighting, search and rescue and mining.  Sling load operation requires a high level of concentration and technical competence.  By completing our course will increase your flying ability and career prospects
  • Mountain Flying
    • Our mountain flying course is imperative for any helicopter pilot looking to widen your scope and become more marketable.  Our courses you as a pilot, with many different scenarios and you provide you with experience to handle complicated situations with confidence and skill.
    • Our courses challenge you to cope in with flying in varying winds and high altitudes in mountainous areas which you will understand and master.  In addition, you will master limited power take offs, as well as hovering with less power.
    • Our course offers you the opportunity to challenge yourself on these extremities. One cannot put a price safety. Book a course to become accredited in mountain flying.
  • Turbine Rating
  • Multi Engine Rating

All our advanced pilot training courses are conducted by highly trained, skilled instructors with years of experience. These courses are available to civilians, military and para-military institutions.