Passenger and Cargo Transport 2000 to 2020

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Democratic Republic of Congo – December 2019 to January 2020

We were contracted by a mining company to sling tons of tin concentrate across a river in Kisangani, DRC. We provided a Super Puma AS332L configured with cargo sling hook along with flight crew. Our crew provided ground training to the client’s riggers to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Mozambique October 2019

We was contracted to provide a Super Puma AS332L, pilots and ground crew to fly the President, government VIP’s and officials and to deliver ballot boxes in support of the 2019 Mozambique government elections.

Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) – 2012 to 2016

We were awarded a five-year contract with the DEA in 2012, to provide two Bell 212 helicopters for annual relief voyages to three destinations: Antarctica, Marion and Gough Islands. The main tasks were to ferry passengers and airlift cargo to land from the SA Agulhas II.

VIP Aero – Angola – 2008/2009

We were awarded the contract to field and support multiple aircraft to remote and hostile areas of Angola. In 2008, a total of nine aircraft were deployed to Angola for election support: a Sikorsky S92, four Pumas an Airbus BK 117, two Bell 407’s and an Airbus AS350 B2. The aircraft were stationed throughout the country which made onsite maintenance, logistics and crew support challenging, owing to the country’s limited transport infrastructure. The assignments involved in this contract included; VIP passenger carriage, voting infrastructure support and freight transportation.

Kenya Government – July 2002

We deployed a Puma aircraft to Kenya to assist with the Government elections.

Congo Government – Republic of Congo – June 2002

A Starlite Puma was deployed to the Republic of Congo for election purposes. The aircraft had to make an emergency departure after the main airport came under attack from rebel political factions. The crew and aircraft returned safely to South Africa.