Ebola Epidemic Liberia 2014

Starlite was awarded the UN WFP contract in August 2014 to operate a Bell 412 Conakry, Guinea in support of the mission for outbreak of the Ebola epidemic.  The ongoing outbreak was the largest ever reported. The World Health Organisation declared the situation an International Public Health Emergency.  Starlite aircraft were stationed in Monrovia, Liberia. After assessing the contract requirements and risks involved in undertaking an outbreak of Ebola of this magnitude, local procedures were implemented with the assistance of our Medical Service Providers, to ensure the safety of our crew were maintained and all risks associated with this disease could be averted.

The Ebola crisis was elevated to a WFP Corporate Level III Emergency.  Starlite transported personnel/doctors/medical supplies and patients assisting in the efforts to ensure the spread of the disease could be contained and patients received the necessary treatment.

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