• 11 October 2019
  • 10:30

Starlite’s Top Women

Starlite’s progressive and forward-thinking approach to business, has paved the way for many women to fill top positions. We celebrate the achievements of three ladies, making their mark in the aviation industry.

Klara Fouché – Managing Director and Accountable Manager for Starlite Aviation Training Academy and Managing Director of Starlite Aero Sales

Klara Fouché is highly respected in the aviation industry as a successful businesswoman owing to her professional business acumen and the outstanding customer service that she provides. With over 19 years’ experience in the aviation industry she currently holds the dual position of Managing Director of Starlite Aero Sales and Starlite Aviation Training Academy.

Klara is responsible for the management of both the Training Academy campuses, based in Durban and Mossel Bay, supported by a team of highly experienced individuals who ensure, world class training of civilian and global contract students. Under her leadership, the Academy opened a Fixed Wing Training School in Durban in 2018 and is in the process of finalising the launch of Starlite Drone Training School across both bases.

As Director of Aero Sales, she works closely with her motivated sales team to procure and manage the sale of both new and pre-owned aircraft, providing a complete sales solution, including import/export, finance, aircraft handling, insurance and after sales customer service. Her relationship with Starlite Maintenance ensures that superior maintenance is carried out on all training and third-party aircraft. Since 2004, she has sold in excess of 120 Robinson, 11 Guimbal Cabri G2, 2 Airbus and 2 MD helicopters.

Fiona McCarthy – Managing Director and Accountable Manager for Starlite Aviation Operations.

Fiona McCarthy is a woman who thrives on challenge. With over thirteen years’ experience in the aviation industry, she currently holds the position of Managing Director and Accountable Manager for Starlite Aviation Operations. Starlite Aviation is a diverse aviation Company, offering a wide range of helicopter and fixed wing services on a worldwide basis, through offices in Ireland, Mauritius and South Africa, boasting an impressive portfolio, having operated in excess of 30 countries and 5 continents in some of the harshest environments in aviation.

Fiona has extensive experience in Project Management, and is responsible for contractual compliance, the implementation of Starlite’s global strategy and international operational contracts. She credits hard work, dedication and her passion for the ever-changing aviation industry for her success and in her busy schedule, is in the process of obtaining her Fixed Wing Private Pilot Licence through Starlite Aviation Training Academy.

Her role requires extensive travel which is where she has gained a sound knowledge of international standards and procedures which are applied in Starlite’s operation. She is guest speaker at many aviation related and other conferences.