Fiona McCarthy

Starlite Aviation Operations, South Africa, Managing Director and Accountable Manager

Fiona McCarthy holds the position of Managing Director and Accountable Manager of Operations, South Africa. She is responsible for contractual compliance, project management and the implementation of Starlite’s global operational contracts. She has studied Advanced Project Management though Cape Town University, South Africa.

Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, Fiona joined Starlite in 2006 in the role of Operations Manager for charters and local contracts. After the Company was restructured in 2009, she accepted the position of Regulatory Compliance Manager for the Group.

Fiona displayed a flair for bid-writing and the tender submissions process, which she carries out as part of her portfolio. Her skills in this area are globally recognised in the aviation industry.

In 2017, Fiona was promoted to Director of Operations and is now responsible for the streamlining of procedures for bringing new aircraft onto Starlite’s AOCs, as well as the acquisition of new AOC’s in other countries.

Fiona’s role at Starlite requires extensive travel which has helped her gain knowledge of international standards and procedures which are applied in Starlite’s operation. This continuously fuels her passion for the aviation industry.

Office: +27 31 571 6600 | Fax: +27 31 564 2237 | Mobile: +27 82 552 3813