• April 20, 2018

The Sling II Makes its Debut at Starlite’s Fixed Wing Academy

27 July 2017

Starlite introduced the Sling 2 to its fixed wing fleet, as part of the aircraft renewal programme which the Company undertook in 2012. With the success of the helicopter training division, Director of Training, Klara Fouché who has been with the Starlite Group since 1999, stated that the Fixed Wing Academy which opened in 2013, was in need of new aircraft and that the arrival of the Sling 2 was the start of great things to come. The Academy is currently training both contract and civilian students from across the globe who will benefit from this new addition to the training fleet.

Why the Sling?

The locally manufactured Sling 2 makes for a cost-effective alternative for student pilot training. The Sling 2 was designed with the aim of creating the most practical and desirable light sport aircraft available and is easy to maintain. Safety is at the core of Starlite’s business, so the use of high quality components and the incorporation of a ballistic parachute, makes the Sling 2 an exceptionally safe aircraft to fly. The entire build is light, precise, simple and easy to fly and its “performance matches every aircraft in its class, while being highly economical and fun to fly,” according to the manufacturers, The Aeroplane Factory.

This sleek, stylish aircraft is not all good looks, its qualities fulfil all the needs for pilot training. The Sling 2 offers new age technology and its flying characteristics make for a perfectly coordinated, highly responsive control setup with excellent instrumentation options, offering a unique flying experience. The Sling 2 has the distinct qualities of a fighter jet aircraft, while not being overly sensitive. Some additional features that make this nifty aircraft appealing is the wide cockpit, excellent all-around view and substantial luggage capacity, making the Sling 2 a very comfortable and versatile aircraft.

CFI of the Fixed Wing Academy, André Middel, stated that this was one of the highlights of 2017 for the training school. He conducted a test flight in December last year, at The Aeroplane Factory, and was exceptionally impressed with the aircraft’s performance.

On its maiden flight from The Aeroplane Factory to its new home in Mossel Bay, André found the Sling 2 to be extremely user friendly, forgiving and he was impressed by its smooth handling. He welcomed the advanced touch screen systems in the cockpit and is looking forward to many hours of instruction in this fine aircraft.