• April 20, 2018

Starlite’s Fixed Wing Academy

26 Sep 2016

Starlite’s Fixed Wing Academy, has operated on the Mossel Bay Airfield, since 1986 and trained pilots from Europe, the Middle East and numerous African countries, many of whom are currently instructors or charter, air ambulance or airline pilots. CFI, Andre Middel has 24 000 flying hours, 18 000 of which is instruction and is rated on 70 aircraft types. He runs a tight ship employing highly skilled and motivated ground and flight instructors.

Mossel Bay boasts a moderate climate but fresh S-E and S-W prevailing winds allow for a high standard of proficiency in crosswind take-offs and landings. The Airfield, with its 1126m tarred runway is a designated training area, providing adequate lighting for night flying. No time is wasted by holding delays. Once students begin flying solo, they are introduced to the busier controlled airspace of the George Airport, 18nm from Mossel Bay.

The Academy’s prize possession is the Elite Evolution S923 Fixed Wing FNPT II MCC simulator, offering the finest hardware for Instrument Flight Training. The functionality and performance comes highly recommended and can be configured as a single-engine Piper Arrow IV, the multi-engine Piper Seneca III or the propeller jet multi-engine King Air 200 and is fully SACAA/ JAR/EASA/compliant.

It features full dual controls and dynamic loading on all the aircraft specific flight controls. Real View navigation data base covers South Africa, with specific ultra-high resolution graphics for the airports.

A wide variety of weather phenomena and a range of system and mechanical failures can be set before or introduced during flight. Students are not only exposed to bona fide, professional Instrument Flying skills but this training is highly cost effective.

Starlite’s holistic approach to training, aims to encourage students to be responsible, accountable and set goals, to facilitate success in their chosen career in aviation.