• July 12, 2018

Starlite Aviation Training Academy Graduation, Mossel Bay

A Further Three Contracts, Done and Dusted at Starlite Aviation Training Academy!

A graduation ceremony held on 19 April 2018, at Starlite Aviation Training Academy, Mossel Bay, marked the completion of a further three contracts, at a gala evening, attend by a host of top brass which included Starlite Senior Management and other dignitaries from various countries. The opening event included a fly past consisting, 5 Gabri G2 helicopters and simultaneous shutdown, and 3 Sling II Aeroplanes, where our first group of Fixed Wing Air Force contract students, displayed their newly acquired formation flying skills.

Starlite’s 20 years’ experience, in the field of pilot training, stringent safety and training standards, top instructors and world class facilities that constitute the Academy’s success and high influx of contract and civilian students over the last 20 years. Starlite focuses on an holistic approach to training, where students are viewed as unique individuals and are primed to work as a team, however, in preparation for their careers.

The week-long process undertaken after the completion of courses, entailed each student being appraised on their performance levels by a panel lead by Starlite’s Global Training Director, Kate Odendaal, Director of the Training Academy, Klara Fouche, Chief Instructor, JP Bothma and Senior Advisors from Kenya and Malawi .

An impressive number of aeroplane and helicopter civilian students graduated, with their CPL and PPL licences. Part of the proceedings, was an emotional ‘au revoir’ to Heinrich Rehr, one of Starlite’s Senior Helicopter and Aeroplane instructors, who has left the Academy to pursue his lifelong dream, of flying the Boeing 737 .

The Students Who Graduated Included:

2 Kenya Army Helicopter Ab-lnitio students, each having achieved 150 hours over 10 months.

5 Kenya Air Force Aeroplane students, having achieved 200 hours each, including Aerobatics and Formation, completed in just 11 months.

3 Malawi Defense Force Air Wing Helicopter students, each having achieved 30 hours, including the completion of Commercial Ground School, IF and Night Rating in just 3 months. The students were awarded an additional 90 hours of Gabri G2 Conversion training, Night and Sling Rating, to be concluded by, 18 May 2018.

VIP’s in Attendance at the Function:

His Excellency, Former Malawi High Commissioner to Kenya – Brigadier General M.R.D. Chirwa (Ret.)

In Addition in Order of Rank:

Deputy Commander Kenya Air Force – Brigadier Francis Ogolla Defense Advisor Kenya High Commission – Col Thomas Nga’nga Defense Advisor Malawi High Commission – Col Lawrence Mambo Malawi Defense Force – Base Commander LAB – Lt Col Bernard Chirwa

Kenya Army- 2IC Kenya Army Combat Wing – Lt Col David Bii, CFI Joint Helicopter School – Maj Antony Maina, Instructor Joint Helicopter School – Maj David Nzuve

Kenya Air Force – OC Standards KAF Flying Training School – Maj Alfred Kirai, Flight Instructor KAF Flying Training School – Maj Dickson Kitur

Starlite VIP’s Included:

Group CEO, Slade Thomas (Co-founder of Starlite Aviation Group 20 years ago) Vice Chairman, Karl Kebert (Co-founder of Starlite Aviation Group 20 years ago) Global Training Director, Kate Odendaal