• April 20, 2018

No Substitute for Superior Training

22 Sep 2016

Part of the highly successful Starlite Aviation Group, Starlite Aviation Training Academy operates out of Mossel Bay Airfield and Virginia Airport, South Africa providing superior helicopter training to contract and civilian students from around the globe.

Established in 1999, the Academy enjoys an impeccable reputation as a leader in aviation skills development and technology transfer market. The success of the Training School lies in its commitment to remain at the forefront of technology, ensuring that students receive world class instruction on superior aircraft whilst improving on safety and competency.

The impressive range of Robinson helicopters and the Guimbal Cabri G2 aircraft, the first of its kind on the African continent are testament to the Company’s commitment to stay in the forefront of technology, ensuring the highest aviation safety standards. Type ratings are carried out on a variety of aircraft by factory or military trained instructors who are considered amongst the finest in the world.

In addition to Private and Commercial Pilot Licence training, courses offered include; Instrument, Instructor, Night, Single and Multi-Turbine, Sling and other specialised courses. The Academy offers cost effective training on a state of the art, Elite Evolution S723T FNPT II MCC simulator, fully SACAA/JAR/EASA compliant. Starlite offers full Multi-Crew Cooperation Courses on the simulator and is certified for initial and recurrent CPL and ATPL IF tests.

Starlite’s holistic approach to training ensures students fulfil their dreams of flying. Courses are structured to suit their personal schedules and lifestyle. Highly qualified, motivated, vibrant and passionate ground school and flying instructors encourage students to be responsible, accountable and set goals, to ensure success in their chosen career in aviation.