• April 20, 2018

Mossel Bay Graduation

06 Dec 2017

The recent Graduation Awards Function was attended by Kenya Army dignitaries: Col Haycall Maghanga, Commander of Joint Helicopter Command, Lt Col David Bii, Commanding Officer, Combat Wing, Major Seth Obunga, Instructor of the Joint Helicopter Training School, Kenya Air Force: Major Omar Abdullahi, Acting CFI KAF Flying Training School, Mr Karl Kebert, Starlite Aviation Group Vice Chairman and Ms Kate Odendaal, Director Global Training. The speech delivered by Major Omar Abdullahi outlined the importance of the responsibility carried by every pilot. He emphasised the importance of never being complacent and used his own experiences to bring his message across. Starlite was praised for their delivery of professional training.

Ms Klara Fouché, Director of Training outlined in her speech that: Starlite’s holistic approach to training encourages students to set personal goals, to be accountable and responsible, to develop social and interpersonal skills and carve a successful career path in an environment that is beneficial to learning. She went on to say how proud she was of the calibre of students graduating from the Academy. She gave full credit to the professionalism of the Academy’s staff and instructors, who uphold and maintain the high standards for which the Training School is renowned.

Besides recognising the students’ achievements, it was an occasion to bid farewell to the Kenya Army 5A course, who have been at the Academy for 10 months. Klara Fouché praised them for their hard work and dedication on successfully completing every phase of their training.

Starlite prides itself for its many accolades, however what the students themselves have to say is considered to be of more value: “Starlite is professional and provides world class instruction”


Contract Students:

  •  5 Fixed Wing PPL graduates
  • 8 CPL Helicopter graduates
  • 10 Helicopter solos
  • 5 Fixed Wing solos

Civilian Students:

  • 4 Helicopter PPL
  • 1 Fixed Wing PPL
  • 2 Helicopter solos
  • 3 Fixed Wing solos

Starlite Instructors:

  • 2 ATPL