• March 24, 2023



Starlite Aviation Training Academy (Pty) Ltd has a requirement for a self-confident, quick thinking, committed individual to fill this position in Mossel Bay within the Starlite Group.



Based in Mossel Bay; you are responsible for the delivery of the SA CAA approved and International flying training programmes at Starlite Aviation. You are responsible for the integration of all flying, simulator, and ground theory training and for trainee and instructor training delivery. You are responsible for representing Starlite Aviation Training Academy to the flying training industry when required, and for ensuring that Flight Safety and all ground and air activities are conducted with best practice and relevant regulations; whilst delivering training excellence and oversight.



  • Responsible for ensuring standardized techniques and discipline among the flight personnel, and that training is carried out as per TPM.
  • Responsible for competency checks of all instructors, to monitor and develop instructors within the company, and for Student dual checks as specified in TPM.
  • Maintain complete oversight of all Grade III Instructors including their theoretical lecturing.
  • Responsible for the finalising of any contract required reports.
  • Responsible for discussing month end reports with contract students and monthly check-ins with civilian students.
  • Check and monitor that all administration relating to Instructors (training files, documentation, reports, debriefs, etc) is kept up to date and current.
  • Ensure all standard requirements, systems, aircraft equipment and processes are in place to pass a CAA audit.
  • Ensure that all operational irregularities (incident & accident reports) are thoroughly investigated and actioned in conjunction with the CI and Safety Manager.
  • Responsible for ensuring the thorough and comprehensive induction and orientation of new flight training staff and students.
  • Responsible for the daily and monthly flight program to ensure maximum and efficient utilization of aircraft and Instructors.
  • Manage and promote the Company’s non-punitive just safety culture.
  • Maintain a professional image when dealing with students and perform all duties relating to flying and ground instruction in accordance with the TPM.
  • Compliance with all Company and SACAA policies and procedures with specific reference to Flight and Duty, timeous licence currencies (Incl. CRM/DG) and the TPM.
  • Remain current with regards to red tags, all aspects of aviation law, CATS & CAR’s, AICs, AIPs and Notams at all times.



The following is essential for this position:

  • Grade 12.
  • SACAA CPL (FW) License, Instructor Grade II rating.
  • Minimum of 1000 hours instruction.
  • Excellent written and oral ICAO ELP.
  • In depth understanding of all relevant SA CAA Manuals and Regulations.
  • Willing to conduct domestic and international travel as required by the company.


The following is preferred for this position:

  • 3 years Training Management (CFI) Experience.
  • Military Flying Training Experience.
  • Human Factors Instructor.
  • Flight Safety Officer.
  • SMS Experience.
  • Experience in Course Design. 

The above position will be filled in accordance with the Recruitment and Selection Policy to achieve the Group’s Objectives and Goals.

The above position will be filled in accordance with the Recruitment and Selection Policy to achieve the Group’s Objectives and Goals.

Applicants must submit their CV to [email protected].

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