Rescue and Relief

Disaster and rescue and relief response, is the second phase of disaster management where air evacuation, transportation of survivors, search and rescue, emergency medical services, food drops or restoration of infrastructure is required. Starlite’s years of experience in this sector and our proven track record of successful contracts in which we have been involved in most cases characterised by unprecedented natural disasters are where we have excelled.

We are equipped with the essential elements necessary to undertake any assignments requiring disaster relief, particularly during the stages after the occurrence. We assist in distribution of food and medical supplies and clean-up operations providing a full complement of affordable, time-effective solutions to minimize the casualties and effects of any disaster. Expediting our mission-ready helicopter and fixed wing aircraft, highly skilled and experienced ground and aircrew and onsite aircraft maintenance teams to a disaster area, ensures that we are able to rapidly restore normality to a stricken area. We have access to an impressive fleet of mission-ready aircraft, providing extended relief and aerial assistance, capable of lengthy flying times and carrying external loads. In a disaster situation we:

  • transport personnel and equipment to any corner of the globe, to remote, austere rough terrain/locations, inaccessible for any other mode of transport
  • provide Medevac standby to airlift the injured or endangered persons
  • carry out rescue operations and evacuations
  • ascertain the extent of the damage and report back to the operational teams on the ground in preparation for any resources that are required
  • identify any possible additional dangers, including those which could arise in the case of the damage becoming more extensive and prepare adequately
  • ferry VIPs and ground rescue teams to stricken areas to gain a rapid overall picture of the situation and land where other modes of transport will not suffice