Code of Business Principles

A Word from the Group CEO

The Starlite Aviation Group has built a legacy of trust and professionalism, which has set the tone for an international reputation of the highest order.  It is this very issue, which makes Starlite Aviation Group the company of choice for international relief programmes and helicopter contract work on a global scale.  This reputation, coupled with the professional calibre of highly skilled personnel and premier world class helicopter brands in the fleet, ensures that Starlite Aviation Group commands the reputation as a world leader in fast response helicopter aviation solutions.  It is our priority of treating every aircraft and every mission as if it were our own that guarantees the delivery of the highest standards of service.

Our first priority is to provide aviation products and services of the highest standard of international safety for both aircraft and personnel, which assures our sustained profitability.  We invest in our own people as our most valuable asset, and nurture our relationships with the communities in which we work.

Every single member of our team, from frontline pilots to backroom maintenance experts, lives our culture and in so doing, respect the culture of the communities in which they provide services.  Personal involvement, pride in our work and consistent delivery are the foundations of our reputation and the benchmark for our operating standards.

The DNA of our business is Committed. Experienced. Passionate.  It is the code by which we exist, without compromise or exception.


The Starlite Aviation Group Code of Business Practice applies consistently anywhere in the world where Starlite Aviation Group operates, be it directly or indirectly, through joint ventures, partnership or sub-contract.

Aviation Law, Quality & Safety

All divisions and personnel within the Starlite Aviation Group, are committed to maintaining 100% compliance with all aviation laws and their international application in all countries worldwide.  In addition, the Starlite Aviation Group has a Quality & Safety Management System in place which is mandatory for all Starlite Aviation Group personnel and contractors to enforce and actively identify and report on any non-conformances or potential hazards.

Starlite Aviation Group Vision

To rule the African skies by being the helicopter and fixed wing supplier of choice on the African continent, and become a globally significant player in the international aviation industry.

Starlite Aviation Group Mission

  • Focusing on providing specialised and dedicated customer service at every level of business.
  • Constantly evaluating the aviation industry to ensure that our standards and services adhere to international trends.
  • Providing customer satisfaction by having policies and systems which guarantee the safety and quality of our services, employing and developing professionals with the right experience to assure efficient delivery.
  • Ensuring a culture of teamwork among all staff.
  • Ensuring the continued personal growth and well-being of staff by encouraging ongoing skills development and training.
  • Forming mutually beneficial and strategic partnerships and relationships with our clients and other aviation suppliers in the industry.
  • Investing in aviation sectors which match our competencies and give sustainable returns and ensuring that risks are managed.

Starlite Aviation Group Values

Starlite Aviation Group has a set of core beliefs which we will strive to employ in all our business dealings:

  • Consistent and dedicated adherence to our Quality Safety Management System.
  • Regular audits of all areas of our business to ensure the highest quality and standard.
  • Leadership qualities that promote a high standard of business ethic and integrity in all dealings.
  • Open communication within the business, encouraging team interaction, respecting and taking cognisance of different opinions and maintaining respect for each individual in the team.
  • Ensuring accountability, empowering individuals to take responsibility, insisting on honesty and rewarding performance.
  • Striving always to make sound and wise decisions to profitably grow the business whilst contributing positively to the communities in which we operate.

Standard of conduct

Starlite Aviation Group conducts its business with honesty and integrity and seeks to deal with those who share the same commitment to these business principles.  Starlite Aviation Group expects mutual respect of each party’s interests in any business relationship.

Obeying the law

Starlite Aviation Group personnel and operating divisions respect and comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and territories in which they operate.


Starlite Aviation Group’s equal opportunity employment philosophy applies to all aspects of employment within the Company.  Starlite Aviation Group seeks to employ individuals who exhibit the requisite skills, abilities and attitudes which will meet the safety standards required in the global aviation industry.  Training is based on the same stringent requirements.  Starlite Aviation Group complies with international standards in Health and Safety Management of personnel and working environments worldwide.  Starlite Aviation encourages open communication throughout the business and uses the latest technology to ensure global two-way communication on a transparent and informative basis between all personnel located worldwide.

Conflicts of interest

Starlite Aviation Group employees are prohibited from engaging in any business, financial or other relationships with suppliers, customers or competitors that might influence, or appear to influence, the exercise of their judgment.  A conflict of interest exists whenever an employee’s private interests, (or those of close relatives or people with whom they are in close personal or business contact), conflict in any way, (or even appear to conflict), with the interests of the Company.  Starlite Aviation Group has protocols and infrastructures in place to assist personnel with avoiding personal and financial activities, which may create a conflict of interest between themselves and the Starlite Aviation Group and their contracting third parties.


The concept of financial consideration for business favour is not part of the Starlite Aviation Group vocabulary.  Starlite Aviation Group does not directly or indirectly give or receive monetary or asset benefits in order to gain or retain business or financial favour.  Involvement by Starlite Aviation Group personnel at any level in such activities is dealt with according to the letter of the law.

Reliability of Financial Reporting

Starlite Aviation Group only operates according to sound business practices and corporate governance based on full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable financial reporting practices.  Starlite Aviation Group does not tolerate any deceptive or improper financial conduct, be it for personal benefit or company gain.

Product Assurance

Starlite Aviation Group is committed to providing aviation products and services which consistently offer value in terms of service, price, safety and quality.

Public Activities

Starlite Aviation Group only undertakes contracts or missions based on a commercial consideration and does not support in any way, politically motivated groups, parties or activities.  The Starlite Aviation Group, encourages all operating divisions to vigorously promote and defend their business interests, both through action, talk and conduct.  They are directed to follow any legal channel available to them for social discourse, be it to challenge, question, assist, or agree on industry processes and protocols.  Starlite Aviation Group recognises and acknowledges the unique skill sets of all personnel and encourages each person to make this experience and knowledge available for the improvement of the operational and service safety of people and aircraft in the aviation industry.

Environmental Issues

Starlite Aviation Group is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment wherever it conducts business and undertakes every precaution to operate in ways which are both safe for aviation and the environments in which they operate.  The Company recognizes that it is essential for continued business success to address the environmental matters that are affected by its daily operations and is committed to work with others towards the improvement and development of environmental standards and the understanding of environmental issues.


Starlite Aviation Group supports the concept of healthy competition between companies in our sector and believes that vigorous yet fair competition can only enhance better operating standards in the industry.  All Starlite Aviation Group personnel are kept updated on sound business practice and fair operating principles.


It is the responsibility of the Board of Starlite Aviation Group to ensure that the principles embodied in this Code are communicated to, understood and observed by all employees.  An independent Internal Audit function supports the Board in monitoring compliance with the Code.  The Board of Starlite Aviation Group will not criticise management for any loss of business resulting from adherence to these principles.  Equally, the Board of Starlite Aviation Group undertakes that no employee will suffer as a consequence of bringing to their attention, or that of senior management,  a breach or suspected breach of these principles.

In this Code the expressions “Starlite” and “Starlite companies” are used for convenience and mean the Starlite Aviation Group and all their respective subsidiary companies.  The Board of Starlite Aviation Group means the Directors of all registered proprietary limited and / or limited companies both in South Africa and abroad in which Starlite Aviation Group has a vested interest.  Starlite Aviation Group personnel must exercise good judgement and avoid any circumstances that would violate the letter or spirit of these policies.  There are no exceptions to these policies, and violations will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the Company.

All Starlite Aviation Group Personnel are required to sign an Acknowledgement that they have read and understood all the provisions of this Code of Business Principles.  If you ever have a concern regarding unethical activity, don’t keep it to yourself.  Discuss it with the appropriate supervisory personnel.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, please send a written report to the CEO, Starlite Aviation Group with adequate detail to facilitate a responsible investigation.

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