Private Aeroplane and Helicopter Hire 24/7

We provide aircraft charters to business executives, senior management and corporate professionals, to decease flying time and stick to strict flight scheduling. We offer flight schedules for businesses requiring multiple meeting options in different locations, cities and sites.

We also offer aircraft hire to the discerning traveller wanting exclusive point to point travel to luxury destinations in South Africa.

Our professional charter team personalise and tailor cost-effective charter plans. Travelling by private jet or helicopter, is the safest, most comfortable way to travel.

Considered one of the leaders in air travel, we offer:

  • Travel away from the crowds: offering a safe, hygienic travel option.
  • Private terminal access: you will avoid queues and unnecessary delays. You are able to board the aircraft minutes before take-off.
  • Personalised service: a dedicated charter expert is available 24/7 to assist you with all your travel requirements.
  • Tailored flight schedules: to ensure that you meet your travel deadlines to any destination.
  • Shortened travel time: by avoiding airport terminal procedures, delays and commercial scheduled flight routes.
  • Luxury and comfort: making flying pleasurable.
  • Discretion and security: we adhere to our strict security and safety policy.
  • Access to more airports: we can plan your travel to reach remote locations or any major airport, allowing flexible and shortened travel time.
  • Avoid luggage handling:  we ensure the safe handling of all luggage
  • On flight options:  we offer an onboard menu which includes light meals and refreshments.
  • Cost effective travel: our buying power and reputation affords you the luxury of selecting a private aeroplane or helicopter from our extensive fleet at best private charter prices, ensuring the most cost-effective solution.
  • Choice of aircraft: we offer you a wide variety of aircraft types to meet your travel requirements