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A Globally Significant Company in the International Aviation Industry

06 Oct 2016

The Starlite Aviation Group is a leader in providing superb rotor and fixed wing services on all aircraft configurations in all geographic areas worldwide. 


The core of Starlite’s business lies in the Company’s guarantee of ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality by employing experienced professionals and adhering strictly to the Company’s policies, practices and procedures. 

The Company is a major player in providing long term helicopter and fixed wing services to the Medevac, executive transport and valuable cargo transfer sectors globally. Furthermore, Starlite’s expertise extends to contracts requiring aircraft, air and ground crew and on-site maintenance. Disaster relief work, fire-fighting, marine salvage, high altitude sling work and surveillance are other areas in which the Company excels. 

Starlite provides helicopter support under a number of AOC’s around the world including Ireland; South Africa and through its partner company in the US, operating in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations of the relevant Civil Aviation Authorities and the general operating and maintenance standards set by International Associations. Starlite is audited and approved by numerous risk management companies from across the globe for offshore and onshore logistics support contracts. The Company is an approved service provider to the UN Procurement Division (UNPD), New York and UN World Food Program (UNWFP). 

Starlite Aviation at Virginia Airport, Durban, is an approved maintenance centre for Robinson and Guimbal aircraft and Johannesburg, South Africa, the medium to heavy lift fleet operated by the Company.

Starlite Aviation Ireland holds an Irish AOC IFR for Public Transport, HEMS and NVIS operations and in addition holds an Irish EASA 145 maintenance approval. Starlite Maintenance Ireland, provides support to the Irish registered aircraft. The continuing airworthiness management is provided through our CAMO, also approved through the Irish AOC structure. Starlite’s track record of contract work globally has set the stage for this highly successful, multi-faceted, forward thinking Company making its mark in the aviation industry.