Peter Todd

Starlite Aviation Group, Chairman

Peter Todd is Chairman of Starlite Aviation Group. He was appointed Head of the Board of Directors in 2008. He has been an advisor to Starlite Aviation Group since 1999.

Peter was born in South Africa and graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Law degree, and a Higher Diploma in Tax Law. He went on to specialise in income tax and held the position of Senior Tax Manager with Arthur Andersen in Johannesburg, South Africa before setting up his own tax practice.

In 2001, Peter emigrated to London, UK. He served on the Board of Directors of numerous companies listed on the JSE and in London.

In 1999 he began his association with Starlite Aviation Group and founded Osiris International Trustees Ltd. He has since become a Director of Osiris Advisors Ltd, a UK based company. Furthermore, he held the position of Director of Redefine International Plc as well as Delta International Property Holdings Ltd.

Peter has a passion for aviation and holds a Private Pilot Licence.

Peter’s involvement with Starlite combines finance with aviation, leading to a very rewarding and challenging relationship.