Karl Hans Kebert

Starlite Aviation Group, Vice Chairman

Karl Kebert, co-founder of Starlite Aviation Group, holds the position of Vice Chairman for Starlite Aviation Group. He serves on the Irish, South African and Mauritian Boards of Directors. Karl is responsible for the design and building of the hangars for the Company’s bases globally. In addition, he oversees the Marketing of the Company.

Karl is a visionary. His strengths lie in planning and preparing the Company for future endeavours and expansion.

Karl is a successful and accomplished businessman, having established numerous companies. He was born in Vienna, Austria and went on to become a Mechanical Engineer.

Karl immigrated to South Africa in 1967 and began his career in Engineering. He then went on to work in Libya for Pepsi Cola. On his return to South Africa in 1976, Karl established a fruit juice company and formed a base partnership with Anglo American Farms through which Fruitree was established.

In 1984, Karl established Montic Dairy which continues to be a thriving and ever expanding milk processing and packaging company.

In 1996, Karl obtained his helicopter pilot licence and purchased his own aircraft. It was at this time that he met Slade Thomas, the now CEO of the Starlite Group. A partnership was formed and Starlite Aviation Group was established. Having bought two Puma helicopters in 1999, Starlite was awarded their first significant contract, during the Mozambique floods in 2000.

The Starlite name and logo was created by both Karl and Slade in 1998 and adopted by the fledgling company. It was during this time, that Peter Todd, the now Chairman of the Starlite Aviation Group joined the ranks, cementing the partnership of the ‘Executive Three Man Team’. They continue to be the driving force of Starlite Aviation Group.


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