Head of Training Business Unit

Henry holds the position of the Head of Training Business Unit for SAF AEROGROUP.

Henry is based in South Africa and benefits from significant British Military aviation experience. Having joined the British Army in 1994 and flown on multiple frontline aircraft types including AH7 Lynx, AH64D Apache and Bell212 and in a variety of operational deployments around the world in support of EU, UN and NATO missions; he retired from the British Army in 2020 as a Central Flying School ‘A category’ helicopter and Tactical Aviation Instructor.

Henry joined Starlite Aviation in January 2021, initially responsible for the training needs of military clients.  Following the acquisition of Starlite Aviation by SAF Aerogroup, he was promoted to Head of Training BU in April 2022.

Henry is responsible for the synergy, training delivery and strategic direction of all subsidiary training companies, including Starlite Aviation Training Academy. The knowledge he accumulated in 27 years of military service, provides a firm vision for training based on the most advanced systems in the world.  In addition, he has an unmatched understanding of the company’s operational clients’ needs.

Based between Starlite’s training academies in Mossel Bay and Durban, South Africa, Henry travels across Africa to ensure the highest quality training is provided to clients.