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Outfitted with pop-out floats, the R66 Turbine Marine offers an additional level of safety for over-water travel. Designed for emergencies, the six-chamber floats inflate within 2-3 seconds of activation.

The installation adds approximately 65 pounds to the helicopter’s empty weight. A lever on the pilot’s collective releases pressurized helium from a tank located under the aircraft’s right rear seat. The activation lever uses a mechanical pull cable and does not rely on an electrically actuated system for inflation.

When not in use, floats roll-up and stow in protective covers along the aircraft’s landing skids. The streamlined, low profile design minimizes drag and allows for easy entry and exit of the cabin. Floats may be activated and flown at speeds up to eighty knots.

*Photos and information courtesy of manufacturer website.

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Eight-Hole Instrument Panel, Audio Panel, Garmin GMA 350Hc, COM, Garmin GTR 225B with 15 Memory Channels, Cyclic Grip Control, Transponder, Garmin GTX 335 with ADS-B Out, High Capacity Battery, 25 Amp Hour

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