Sling II Aeroplane

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We deal in the sales of a wide range of new aeroplanes and recently obtained the Sling dealership, the aircraft that has become one of our premier training aircraft for Starlite Aviation Training Academy.  We sell new aircraft through our extensive network of contacts in the local and international markets.

In addition, we offer outstanding after sales service and maintenance.

Please contact us for lead times for new aircraft.

The Airplane Factory Sling 2 is a South African two-seater light aircraft designed and produced by The Airplane Factory in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2009 the specially modified second prototype was flown around the world in a westerly circumnavigation which took 40 days. This was the first time any aircraft of this class had achieved a circumnavigation. The design complies with the requirements of four different regulatory aircraft classes.

The Sling 2 is supplied as a kit and as a ready-to-fly aircraft and can be operated as a Light-sport Aircraft or home-built aircraft

Sling 2

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Sling 4

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*Photos courtesy of manufacturer.