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Starlite Students Reap Fixed Wing Simulator Benefits

07 Sep 2015

 Starlite’s Elite Evolution S923 Fixed Wing FNPT II MCC simulator is set to change the face of fixed wing training at the Company’s Training Academy.

With a rich heritage of training excellence, the Starlite International Aviation Training Academy continues to attract top students from Africa and around the globe, and is considered by regulatory boards to be one of the finest training schools. The Academy is committed to being in the forefront of Training technology, enhancing skills development, technology transfer and creating career opportunities. With its fine fleet of aircraft and fully operational fixed wing simulator, students are assured of the achieving their dreams of becoming accomplished pilots.

The new Elite Evolution S923 Fixed Wing FNPT II MCC simulator, is now fully operational at Starlite’s Mossel Bay Training Academy. The fully certified simulator, the first to be introduced into Africa, offers students the finest hardware for their Instrument Flight Training requirements. On a recent visit to the Academy, representatives of the SACAA conducted an exhaustive audit of the new simulator’s functionality and performance, and were highly impressed with its realism and capability. The simulator meets the full requirements of European regulations of EASA/JAR FSTD and the credits match those currently enjoyed by the many European Operators of the Elite S923.

The first of its kind on the African continent, the Elite Evolution S923 can be configured as a single-engine Piper Arrow IV, the multi-engine Piper Seneca III or the propeller jet multi-engine King Air 200 and is fully JAR/EASA/compliant. It features full dual controls and dynamic loading on all the flight controls, ensuring that handling and performance are in line with the specific aircraft type. The realism is further enhanced by a navigation and Real View data base covering South Africa, with specific ultra-high resolution graphics for the airports of Mossel Bay, George, Port Elizabeth and Durban. A wide variety of weather phenomena and a range of system and mechanical failures can be set before or introduced during flight.

Breaking new ground in simulator training, this remarkable machine is IFR equipped, with an EFS 40/50 Bendix King Electronic Flight Information System, a Garmin GNS 430/430A IFR navigation/ Starlite Students Reap Fixed Wing Simulator Benefits Starlite’s Elite Evolution S923 Fixed Wing FNPT II MCC simulator is set to change the face of fixed wing training at the Company’s Training Academy. communication system and a fully functioning auto-pilot. The auto-pilot is able to fly and maintain a radial inbound, allowing for wind drift, the ability to choose the selected letdown procedures, capture the localiser and glide slope down to the prescribed minimum DA (decision altitude).

Students gain valuable exposure to the type of environment in which they will perform Instrument flights, as well as when they find their way into the co-pilot’s seat of, for example, a medium or large jet airliner. The switches and dial displays are positioned for the student to ensure safe and efficient flight at night, in IMC or both. In addition, students gain valuable exposure to operating a complex machine as part of a crew enabling them to practice an engine failure whilst on the ILS, work together as a team to fly the aircraft safely, perform the vital actions and work through emergency checklists to shut down a specific engine, if necessary.

By dividing the cockpit tasks between the flying pilot and nonflying pilots, and alternating these roles, students are preparing for their future careers and achieving a level of realism hitherto only to be found in the much more complex and exceptionally expensive full-motion level D type simulators. A fundamental advantage of this incredible training machine is, that the cost is diminished and is comparable to any other training in South Africa.

In addition to all the features described, the benefits of this simulator training is, that students are familiarised with how to start and manage turbine engines effectively, and it provides an excellent introduction to flying the larger and more complex aircraft, not previously encountered during their training. Students are not only exposed to bona fide, professional Instrument Flying skills but this advanced simulator training is highly costeffective, for pilots preparing to fly new Twin-Engine type aircraft. Starlite’s students are elated with the results achieved on the fixed wing simulator and value the Academy’s on-going mission; - to provide the most up-to-date, state of the art, professional and realistic Instrument training to be found anywhere on the continent.